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Invest in paradise
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What are we offering?

Investors of the Grand Collection enjoy ownership of an 25-year leasehold. As an Owner/Investor you’ll join a rental-pool and profit-sharing program fully serviced and managed by Gili Developments.

Your ownership in Grand Sunset is guaranteed by Gili Developments and backed up by a Canadian based real estate trust. Owners are presented with a share of common asset and title insurance.

This is a rare opportunity to own booming beachfront property, earn ROI’s of 9% in year one, increasing to over 20% after 10 years. Gili Developments also offers a buy-back guarantee and providing an exit strategy at any time between years 2 and 10.

The facts and features

  • The Gili Islands were named the top emerging investment destinations in Asia (2016)
  • 25 Investment units available
  • Prices starting at US $100,000
  • Established resort property
  • Profit sharing program
  • 9% ROI nprojected based on 2016 data*
  • Buy-back program provides exit strategy
  • Beachfront property
  • 0% interest for up to 6 months*
  • Stay for free. Up to 30 days of the year*

History of investment/ Humble beginnings

Gili Developments founder and President, Morgan Girouard, recognized Gili Air’s amazing potential while on holiday in 2013.  The island accommodations at that time were primarily marketed as 1-2 Star homestays and a group of developers were designing 5 star hotels.

Morgan recognized immediately that the mass travel market seeking 3-4 Star accommodations were being overlooked and set out to build the first 3.5 Star property on the Gili Air.

The early days

Take a walk through tour and how it got started during our construction phase in 2014.


Since opening the resort in August 2014 the average occupancy achieved by the hotel is over 85%.  Grand Sunset has received certificates of excellence from Expedia.com, Booking.com and TripAdvisor.

Management and profit sharing

Your investment-property is bought under management by Gili Developments whom designed, built and has operated Grand Sunset since inception.

Resort profits are split 70/30.

70% of all profits are paid as yearly dividends to investors, and 30% to Gili Developments in exchange for management services.

Investment proposal

Investors are guaranteed a minimum ROI of 9% for the first 5 years with projections increasing on a sliding scale from 10% per annum in the first year to 14% per annum in 5 years and forecasted to reach 20% by year 10 of the investment.

To guarantee the investment Gili developments has placed the deed and title of Grand Sunset in trust and calculated ROI’s from actual data, not forecast. Business Interruption insurance is in place to pay ROI’s even in the event of a major peril (including tsunami, volcanic eruption, earthquake or hurricane).

To receive profit sharing, Gili Developments must first deliver a minimum 9% ROI to Investors.

Investment Location

Gili Air – The Gili Islands

In 2016 the Property-Report.com identified the Gili Islands as the top emerging investment destination in Asia. Gili Air is located 1 hour from the internationally renowned tourism island of Bali, where tourism arrivals have seen a double digit increase year on year for over 20 years.

The Gili Islands are considered an extension of Bali and travel to the islands has increased by over 1000 percent for the last 5 years.

Vehicle of investment

The deed and title of Grand Sunset is placed into a real estate investment trust held by Gili Developments Inc founded in Ontario in 2013.  From the trust each investor is issued a certificate of ownership by way of “undividable common interest” similar to other forms of property ownership.

Though your investment is in foreign property, all guarantees and property ownership are backed up by a Canadian Trust.

Exit strategy

Investors may exit the investment at any time between years 2 and 10 using the predetermined buy-back structure below.

  • 105% of purchase price after 2 years.
  • 110% of purchase price after 3 years.
  • 115% of purchase price after 5 years.
  • 125% or purchase price after 8 years.

*after 10 years, buy back guarantee expires

Investment Examples

5 year example

$100000 Investment

  • +9 ROI over 5 years = $45000
  • +115% buy back guarantee = $115000
  • $45000 + $115000 = $160000
  • -$100000 initial investment
  • =$60000 PROFIT
  • 60% ROI after 5 years
  • 12% ROI per annum
10 year example

$100,000 investment

  • +9 ROI over 10 years = $90000
  • +125% buy back guarantee = $125000
  • $90000 + $125000 = $215000
  • -$100000 initial investment
  • =$130000 PROFIT
  • 115% ROI after 10 years
  • 11.5% ROI per annum